Florentina composite sinks for installation between tabletops

Florentina composite sinks for installation between tabletops

29 / March / 2019
Florentina composite sinks for installation between tabletops

Композитные мойки FLORENTINA для монтажа между столешниц, или просто – мойки-блоки, устанавливаются непосредственно на кухонный блок определенной формы и размера и не требуют столешницы. Florentina предлагает два вида таких моек – угловая мойка-блок Florentina Бомбей и двухчашевая мойка-блок Florentina Вилладжио.

Florentina Bombay

This sink is installed directly on the kitchen cupboard of a standard height.

Bombay is a real stone island that includes a large main bowl, a smaller bowl, a vast flat wing and a recessed wing with an overflow. Besides, the sink includes a wooden board designed to comply with the size of the main bowl and the recessed wing enabling its easy longitudinal shift. The sink is remarkably functional.

Florentina Villagio

The sink is installed in a reduced height cupboard. This feature has to be kept in mind right from the outset in planning the kitchen suite. Villagio is an embodiment of eternal classicism and traditions using modern materials. Two large bowls and a wide support for accessories make this sink really functional. Villagio is a fine supplement to kitchens in both classical and country style.

Both types of sinks are fastened directly to the furniture by a silicone compound. If necessary, the sink can be fastened to the wall. The kitchen tabletop will sit tight to the sink edges.

The sink to be installed between tabletops is fairly large and heavy, which is why the installation job should be done by two people.